Our Products

Beautiful software to disrupt the market, delight our customers and
deliver continuous value.

At Cinergix we measure our success by the level of positive impact we have in the lives of our users. If our products don’t make a big enough dent in the universe, we don’t work on them.
We firmly believe in the Cloud. We believe in delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) and are committed to improving our products. Our philosophy is that our products are never just software, they are tools to revolutionize the way people get things done. They come with associated content and the great Cinergix user support where real people who care about user experience are available to help.


Creately is diagramming and collaboration software that is used by over half a million users across 118 countries. Launched in late 2009, Creately introduced hundreds of innovations to the diagramming software space, from powerful smart shapes to speed up the drawing experience to contextual and meaningful collaboration abilities.

Creately supports over 40 types of diagrams including flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, UML, DB diagrams and UI Mockups. This versatility coupled with the inbuilt real-time collaboration as well as over 250,000 curated and community contributed diagrams and templates means that you can create beautiful diagrams in a snap, no matter who you are or where you work.

Creately is available as a Cloud based application, a stand alone Desktop application with real-time collaboration or, an On-Premises Server. Creately also has plugins to Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian JIRA and Fogcreek FogBugz.



Driven by our own need to manage our transactional emails for Creately we created Postreak. Postreak was built to support thousands of transactional emails that can be sent out hourly from a software application.

Any Software as a Service (SaaS) application that has transactional email notifications integrated into actions — such as sharing of a document, a comment or a purchase receipt — tend to be bolted on quite close to the code due to the data driven nature of these transaction emails.

These transactional emails, a key customer engagement channel, are hard to tune and optimize as they sit inside the software code. Postreak solves this problem by sitting next to your app, plugging into your database and centralizing all your email templates to a simple user friendly interface.