Careers at Cinergix

Challenge the bounds of possibility, think out of the box and do great things while having the time of your life.

What’s working at Cinergix like?

We come in to work energized by the fact that we can directly impact the lives of our customers by delivering great software. We work as small teams, completely flat and completely transparent. A meritocratic environment that is driven by higher goals where everyone strives to energize and drive the team to achieve more.

When you are out there trying to make a difference that matters you need proper down time. We take work-life balance seriously and we play hard and play often. Monthly outings, company events as well as almost weekly events such as LAN game nights are part of the Cinergix culture.

team-rd “Great Workplace!”
Ramishka Dasanayake
Tech Lead
At Cinergix I have a lot of fun building cool products while being part of an awesome team. We learn, adapt, face new challenges, explore new technology and help each other. Definitely a great place to work.
“Wonderful People!”
Ruvini Nakandala
Associate QA Lead
It’s a great pleasure working with such a talented team, delivering quality products smoothly & on time.
“A Place to Grow”
Nishadha Silva
Senior Internet Marketing Specialist
Cinergix provides me with a challenging environment to improve my marketing skills while giving ample opportunity to experiment.